CaseWorks has a team of skilled, experienced legal videographers that support your case with high-definition video and any type of delivery format including mpeg2 or mpeg4. Our videographers are well-equipped to tackle any video job no matter how complicated, from picture-in-picture depositions and day-in-the-life videos, to trial presentations and on-site work.

HD Videoconferencing

If you are unable to travel to your next deposition, consider utilizing CaseWorks’ state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment located in our offices throughout North Carolina and nationwide. Depos are broadcast securely in high-definition video and can connect as many remote parties as needed.

Transcript Synchronization

CaseWorks can synchronize your transcripts to the corresponding video recording of your deposition. Transcript synchronization makes it easy to find important segments of video by browsing through the transcript or using keywords. You can scroll to a specific moment on the transcript and the video will begin playing from that spot.

Audio and Video Editing

Often times, meetings and conferences require video editing after the job is complete. Our videographers are skilled at tailoring the end product to fit our client’s needs, including delivery.