CaseWorks | Security File Upload

Secure File Uploads

Submit your audio files to us quickly and securely. Our cloud-based software accepts file uploads of any size and automatically performs 256-bit encryption during the process.

CaseWorks | Court Proceedings and Hearings

Court Proceedings and Hearings

Courts across the U.S. are increasingly providing audio recordings of proceedings and legal professional are left to have them transcribed in order to receive the written testimony. Let our team of reporters and transcriptions help turnaround quick and accurate transcripts of even your longest day in court.

CaseWorks | Meetings and Interviews

Meetings and Interviews

If you have a recording of a one-on-one meeting, a board meeting, an interview, a phone call, or any other audio file, CaseWorks can quickly produce a timely, accurate transcript. Even if the audio is poor, our technicians can enhance the audio quality in order to get the job done.