CaseConnect Online Repository

CaseConnect is a free litigation management tool provided by CaseWorks. CaseConnect gives lawyers and authorized staff members the ability to schedule depositions, manage calendars, access and download deposition files, such as transcripts, exhibits, and more.

CaseConnect allows your firm to schedule depositions worldwide without hassle and headache. CaseWorks’ staff members are tightly integrated with CaseConnect, making sure you receive the same deposition experience whether you’re conducting the deposition from your home office or somewhere around the world.

CaseWorks | CaseConnect

Online Videoconferencing

If you, your client, or a witness are unable to travel, our online videoconferencing makes it easy to convene. CaseWorks uses industry leader LiveDeposition to provide a secure and easy video conferencing experience. Both parties sign in, click a link, and are connected with each other through this secure, reliable service.

Electronic Exhibits

Carrying hundreds of exhibits back and forth between your office, court proceedings, and meetings causes unnecessary stress and disorganization. Professionals in the legal field can’t afford to be unorganized. Electronic exhibit technology allows you to store exhibits securely online, easily accessing them on your computer or tablet, whenever you need them for reference.

Real-Time Streaming

Unable to make it to a deposition or hearing? Real-time streaming allows you to receive the live feed of the transcript straight from the stenographer’s fingertips right to your desktop, laptop, or tablet in real time.