Court Reporting Services

Our team of court reporters is made up of professionals whose experience in creating accurate and timely transcripts is unparalleled. They bring a broad range of expertise in every type of litigation. Their knowledge and highly technical skills distinguish them as exceptional resources for our clients, no matter how technical, document-intensive, or specialized the case.

Interactive Real-Time

This hands-on technology enables you to interact with a live feed of the transcript from one of our certified real-time stenographers. Mark testimony, create notes, highlight sections, or search the transcript instantaneously while in the deposition or remotely from your office chair.

CaseWorks | Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and Translation

In today’s global litigation environment, certain cases or depositions may need to be translated from one language to another. CaseWorks offers both simultaneous translation through our highly trained and certified interpreters and asynchronous translation for your written testimony in any language.

Video Synchronization

CaseWorks can synchronize the video of your deposition to the corresponding transcripts. Video synchronization makes it easy to find important segments of video by browsing through the transcript or using keywords. You can scroll to a specific moment on the transcript and the video will begin playing from that spot.

CaseWorks | Expedited Transcripts

Expedited Transcripts

Our industry-leading standard turnaround time on transcripts is 10 business days. But we know that certain cases require delivery even sooner. This is why CaseWorks provides the option for same day rough drafts of the transcript and up to 1 business day turnaround on the completed transcript.