We have a brief interview with court reporter, Judy Reins, pictured above with her husband, Blair.

How long have you been reporting for CaseWorks

I’ve been reporting with CaseWorks since early 2010, when I returned to the field of court reporting after a 15-year hiatus.

How long have you been a court reporter?

I started in 1980 in NJ and worked as a reporter until 1995. Then I left the field and moved to NC to pursue a career change. However, I returned to reporting in early 2010.

What do you enjoy most about court reporting?

I like the variety of work, which could be anything from medical to construction to patent, etc., but it could also be doing CART for a deaf person, which is totally different than working in the legal arena. I also enjoy the freedom of freelancing as opposed to a set daily schedule.

Where are you from?

I grew up on a 99-acre dairy farm in Neshanic Station, New Jersey, which is in the central part of the state. We had Holstein cows.

Before working as a court reporter, did you have another career or job?

Not before, but in between 1995 and 2010, yes. I graduated from Rutgers in 1995 and thought I would try something different. I had family in NC, so I moved to Winston-Salem. I worked at various law firms as a software trainer, a help desk analyst, and eventually I trained to become a paralegal.

What is one thing you would like our clients to know about court reporting?

Many reporters are able to provide instantaneous realtime translation directly to any Windows device (such as a laptop, tablet, or Android), or an Apple device (such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone). When realtime is requested, it is extremely helpful if the taking attorney’s office can provide a prior transcript or a pleading in the case so the reporter can input various spellings in a job dictionary. This allows for cleaner realtime translation.

What’s the most unusual deposition situation you’ve found yourself in?

One time I went to the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal to take a deposition of a sailor who was not allowed to leave his ship. I climbed up a metal ladder on the side of the ship, with an attorney behind me carrying my machine. When we got inside the sailor’s cabin, he had pictures of naked women on the walls. He thought only men were attending, so he started apologizing profusely when he saw me! He also, as they say, cussed like a sailor throughout the deposition.

What is one thing our clients don’t know about you?

Before I returned to court reporting in 2010, my husband, Blair, worked as a copier repair technician, but he was laid off. I decided at that time to return to freelance reporting to have more flexibility with my schedule. I trained Blair to read steno, and this provided a new job for him as a scopist.

Who is your favorite musician?

I like various kinds of music, such as classical, jazz, contemporary Christian, acappella, and straight piano. Some names that come to mind are: Twila Paris, David Wesley, Acappella, George Winston, and The Piano Guys.

What is your favorite Restaurant/Dish?

Indian food, especially chicken tikka masala or chicken korma. Italian is a close second, but it helps if it is gluten free.

What is your favorite Phone app?

iDo Notepad. I especially like using Siri with this.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Hike in the mountains, listen to good music, and surf websites on nutritional information.

What is your dream vacation?

Switzerland to see the Alps and get some good chocolate; Italy to visit ancient historical sites and have some fabulous food!