An independent study conducted by Ducker Worldwide, one of the nation’s leading marketplace analyst firms, found that the demand for court reporters will flourish in the upcoming years. The study concluded that in the next five years, 5,500 new court reporter jobs will be available in the United States. Texas, Illinois, New York and California being the states that will have the greatest need for court reporters.

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In a field of 32,000 court reporters, 70% are 46 years or older. The retirement rates are a primary force for the projected shortfall. The decreased enrollment and graduation rates for court reporters are another reason for the projected shortfall. There is an opportunity for young people to obtain a promising career in the court reporter field. New rules adopted by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) improved the quality of broadcast captioning which will result in an increased need or Court Reporters.

“Court reporting is a career path with above average job security and earning potential, as compared to its more traditional counterparts. With opportunities for court reporters on the rise, students who graduate will hold more than a piece of paper, they’ll hold a job.” Jim Cudahy, CAE and Executive Director of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). “Projected shortages in the stenographic court reporting profession come at a time when many graduates with traditional four-year degrees are struggling to find employment.”

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that court reporter salaries are expected to increase by 14% through the year 2020. Court reporting offers many post-secondary certifications that promote continuous education for those interested in the longevity of the career.

Despite what is generally perceived, only 28 Percent of stenographic court reporters actually work inside a courtroom on day-to-day basics. The majority of court reporters operate as freelancers for legal depositions or provide ADA complaint captioning for educational institutions, television, and business meetings.

Court Reporting is a growing field with many opportunities to live a very comfortable life. The advent of digital court reporting has been a concern as regional court reporting shortages become more prevalent, however stenographic court reporting still controls the majority of the deposition market. Long as schools are able to increase enrollment and graduation rates, stenographic court reporting will be a very viable trade skill for years to come.